The concept of an internship

You need the experience to get hands-on knowledge in your career field. In today’s market, employers rely heavily on resumes that demonstrate relevant work history, whether it is from actual job experience, volunteer work, or interning at a company.

An internship is an official program offered by organizations to help train and provide work experience to students and recent graduates. The concept of working as an intern began a long time ago but has drastically evolved over the years. Internships first started as a laborer who would take on young individuals and teach them their art or trade. In exchange for being taught a skill, the trainee would agree to work for the laborer for a specific time. Even then, the purpose of an internship or rather an apprenticeship was to gain new skills to be able to obtain future work.

In modern interning, an intern or trainee can work for an organization for a specific amount of time. Interns can work for 1-12 months or longer, depending on the company and the industry. Internships are popular amongst graduate and undergraduate students who need to gain research or valuable work experience. Almost every sector and type of company, from a large multinational corporation to a small startup, now offers internships. Additionally, there has been a rise in remote/virtual internships– which is the ability to intern virtually for global companies. The vast number of internship opportunities available indicates the importance of an internship in today’s world.